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We are a team of internationally recognized Academics, Industrialists, Scientists and Engineers who are working in the entire Green Hydrogen value chain.

We are apolitical but we strongly believe that we need to decarbonise the global economy by 2050 to avoid the worst climate and energy supply catastrophes.

(Green) Hydrogen is NOT THE solution to the overall problem but PART OF the solution.


The International Energy Agency (IEA) points out that Green Hydrogen would save over 900m tonnes of CO2 that are emitted annually and replacing all grey hydrogen in the world would require 3,000TWh/year from new renewables – equivalent to the current demand of Europe.

According to the European Commission hydrogen strategy, €430b will be invested in Europe. The split will be as follows: €96b into electrolysers (13%), offshore wind (47%), onshore wind (25%), and solar PV (15%) to produce 4.4m tonnes of GH2, with a combined investment in Ukraine and North Africa of €91.5b to produce 4m tonnes of GH2

The EU anticipates that the electrolyser business could generate an estimated ca. 170,000 jobs with a potential annual revenue of a European hydrogen market estimated at €820b by 2050, providing ca. 5.4m jobs, and abating ca. 560m tonnes of CO2 annually.

Today, about 75 countries have net zero carbon targets and 32 countries now have hydrogen strategies and roadmaps representing ~80% of the global GDP. In 2020-2021, 20+ projects have been announced worldwide, representing a total of 150GW. By 2050, hydrogen will account for a quarter of the global energy demand, with an estimated annual sale of nearly US$700b.

More than $11t is estimated in Green Hydrogen (GH2) production initiatives, e.g., Linde, one of the world’s largest hydrogen producers, will invest more than US$1B in decarbonization initiatives and triple the amount of clean hydrogen production by 2030.


Green hydrogen is an essential vector to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050!

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